Rescue Program

Rescue is the process of returning a horse to optimal health and back to thriving in life. The process of rescue includes bringing the horse back from starvation or neglect. Rescue is when a horse is in immediate danger. Not to be confused with a horse that is no longer wanted. At Sleeping Fox Farm we work to ensure no horse's life ends in pain, suffering, or slaughter. Our goal is to re-establish health and provide hope to those in need. There are many heart breaks, long days and even longer nights. It is for the love of the horse that we give 110% to each and every horse we work on saving. There are times when we are too late or cannot help. Often horses need extensive medical treatment and nursing care to bring them back to health and we are not always successful but when we are there is no better feeling in the world.

Rehabilitation Program

retraining program

Rehabilitation is the process of slowly bringing a horse back to health after rescue or injury. It can require anywhere from 90 days of stall rest to one-year of pasture layup and nursing care. The process can be both extensive and expensive. Often rehabilitation requires medical care and treatments costing thousands of dollars with countless hours of care and an entire team of dedication caregivers. ‚Äč

adoption & rehoming program

There's nothing more satisfying than watching the lights of a trailer disappear down the drive as we usher yet another OTTB on to the next phase of their life. Finding a forever home for one of our rescues is the end goal of our organization. To know that we have been successful in bringing out the best in each and ever horse and that we've been able to match that horse with their very own special human, is one of the best feelings in the world. We focus our training program on 3-Day Eventing which we feel gives our horses a well rounded basis to continue their training in any number of disciplines. Our horses receive a strong foundation is Dressage, Stadium Jumping and Cross Country. Then we listen to each individual horse to determine what direction best suits that particular animal, some are fearless jumpers who love nothing more than to gallop the Cross Country field, while others can be contained within nothing more that a set of ground poles. In addition to providing a strong training base, our adoption contracts require a no breeding agreement, a no racing clause and a right of first refusal to ensure that our rescues never end up in a situation where they are unwanted and could possibly end up in the hands of a slaughterhouse. Our adoption fees vary with the level of training for each horse and are used solely for the purpose of maintaining our Sanctuary Herd and medical care expenses. If you find a horse you'd be interesting in learning more about please send us a message.

Sanctuary Program

Our sanctuary program provides permanent housing and care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused or injured horses that cannot successfully transition to a second career. Many of our sanctuary horses have health and soundness conditions, often racing related injuries that result in loss of mobility requiring limited activity, pain management and specialized medical care and treatments. They will live out the remainder of their days, peacefully, here at Sleeping Fox Farm Thoroughbred Rescue.